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Only very courageous and unselfish women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose adoption.

You should be commended and respected for bringing this precious life into the world and giving opportunity to your child. This decision is not only about your child, however

Please keep in mind that you, as a birth mother, have these rights:

  • The right to be treated with respect for your courageous decision.
  • The right to request and receive financial assistance with adoption and pregnancy related expenses such as maternity clothes, housing, medical care, transportation and counseling services.
  • The right to make decisions in all phases of the adoption plan.
  • The right to select the adoptive family for your child.
  • The right to an open relationship with the adoptive family.
  • The right to make a written adoption agreement allowing you personal contact and/or to exchange pictures and letters with your child after placement.
  • The right to receive counseling and support throughout the adoption process and following the birth of your child.


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