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The Benefits of Adoption for Birth Mothers, Adopted Child and Adoptive Parent

Give your Baby a Loving Home While Protecting Your Future

The decision to place your child for adoption is difficult and comes with many emotions: worry, grief, negativity, as well as relief, hope and guilt. Just a few of the reasons why Expectant Mothers consider adoption over parenting include unexpected pregnancy, lack of support, age, financial struggles, and feeling totally unprepared to parent a child. Adoption brings a positive ending to an unplanned pregnancy and benefits everyone involved, including the Birth Mother, the Birth Father, the child being placed for adoption, the Adopting Parents and even their families.

Benefits for you

  • More opportunity to fulfill your lifelong dreams such as college and a career. Women who parent at a young age and without support are more likely to not finish school. Adoption can give you the opportunity to pursue an education and fulfill your dreams.
  • The chance to make the dreams you have for your child come true by providing them with a family to raise and cherish them. You can rest assured knowing your child is safe and loved, and will have opportunity and benefits that you are currently unable to give them.
  • You get to choose the loving family who will raise your child and can get to know them personally if that is what you want. If you have specific ideas of what you want for your child, you can choose that. Do you want them to be part of a family who lives in the peaceful countryside, or do you prefer the excitement of the city? Do you want them to have siblings, or to be a special, only child to a family who can’t have children? Do you want your child to be able to travel and experience the world? It’s your choice to pick what you want for your child.
  • Pre-natal and delivery expenses paid as needed. We all know unexpected medical expenses can get out of hand very quickly. If you choose adoption for your baby, we will arrange for medical care and uncovered expenses will be taken care of by the adopting family
  • Financial assistance, including free housing, can be provided giving you the comfort and security of home. Maybe you are struggling financially. Being pregnant may make it hard or impossible for you to work, thereby amplifying these issues. We can help you get financial assistance to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible (depending on your state’s laws).
  • All legal expenses and attorney fees will be paid for you. We at Courageous Choice, lawyers and social workers will be there to explain and complete the adoption process and to protect you. You will have support from a social worker and a legal entity who will ensure that your legal rights are protected.
  • The opportunity to bring many people a lot of happiness that would not occur without you. The family you choose to raise your baby has, most likely, been through a lot of pain and anguish. Their dream is to one day have a baby they can love and care for forever. You will be making their most precious dreams come true.
  • The happiness that comes with knowing that the Adopting Parents know that you love your baby enough to choose life and that you are sacrificing so much to ensure his or her future happiness.

Benefits for the Adopted Child

  • The love and support of Adoptive Parents who are emotionally and financially ready and able to parent and provide a good life. Your baby will grow up with the family that you choose, and that family will have everything that he or she will need to grow up happy and healthy. The family is financially secure and emotionally ready to lovingly handle all the challenges and joys of raising a child.
  • The kind of loving home and family life that your child will enjoy and appreciate for life. Research has shown that the majority of adopted children are well adjusted, bonded with their families, and happy with their lives.
  • A healthy family life that may include a brother or sister for lifelong support. Studies show that having a sibling is a healthy thing!
  • Financial resources that your baby might not otherwise have. Because Adopting Parents must pass a rigorous home study process, you can be assured that they will have the financial resources needed to give your child a comfortable life. They might not be rich, but they will be gainfully employed and able to provide all the necessities as well as some extras.
  • A greater probability of a good education and future opportunities in life. Because your baby’s Adopting Family is financially secure, they will be able to provide education and experiences that will help him or her to become successful.

Benefits for the Adoptive Family

  • Receive the joy and blessing of adding a child to their family, fulfilling an often life-long dream.
  • Opportunity to experience your pregnancy and related experiences that would not otherwise be possible.
  • Ability to fulfill their dreams of raising a child even though they may not be able to get pregnant and have a baby.


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