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James and Magen

We are James and Magen from Washington

Stay-At-Home Parent? Part-Time

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Meat Cutter

Education: AA

Religion: Spiritual

Hobbies: Surfing, Snowboarding, Camping, Golfing


Occupation: Office Manager/Dental Assistant

Education: Dental Assistant

Religion: Spiritual

Hobbies: Crafting, Camping

It’s so nice to meet you!

It’s incredible how connecting to someone on the internet can change your life in such an amazing way and we are overwhelmed with emotions when we think about how we met, fell in love, and became husband and wife. And now we are hoping for another beautiful and life-changing connection with someone special like you, who is also looking for someone like us, to love and care for your baby.

In our lovely home, your baby has a room ready and waiting for them. Our backyard is a nice, fenced yard where your child can have lots of fun and play. Our two sweet, playful dogs love to cuddle and give hand kisses and will be great buddies with your child. There are a multitude of parks around our town that offer opportunities for children of all ages to get together and build friendships that we can’t wait to take your child to. The children’s museum is a few short minutes away and provides kids with a place to learn and explore.

As parents, we look forward to helping your child find what they love. If they love music, we will encourage them to learn more about it and support them if they want to play an instrument. If they have a sport they love to play, we will drive them to every practice and attend every game. We will be their biggest cheerleaders (and will probably embarrass them at times, which is what parents do.) If they love art or reading, we will provide them with what they need to enjoy those activities. If it turns out that they love to spell and want to compete in spelling bees, neither of us will be much help since we are terrible spellers, but we will always be there to cheer for them, win or lose.

And as your child grows, we want to be able to share their milestones with you through letters, emails, and photos. We would love to have a picture of you, one of your choosing, that we could frame and display in our home. When your child gets older, we will encourage them to write to you themselves. If you wish to have less contact, you need only to let us know.

Should you find that special connection with us we want you to know how eternally grateful we will be for making our dreams come true, a dream of becoming a mom and a dad and raising a child together.

All our love,
James and Magen

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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!
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