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Putting up a baby for adoption in Ohio

OhioIf you are in Ohio and considering adoption for your baby you may have questions. You also might be unsure of where to begin or who to talk with, or how to get help. We’ve got you covered. Below are FAQs about Ohio adoptive placement, parental rights and the type of financial assistance that may be allowed. If you would like more in-depth information about resources in your region of Ohio, please check out,

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What you Need to Know about Placing your Baby for Adoption in Ohio

Making the decision to place your child for adoption can be one of the toughest, but most selfless choices you will ever make, and being well-informed about the process can help ease some of the stress. Each state has its own laws and way of doing things, and this information is gathered to provide a general overview of what happens when a baby is placed for adoption in Ohio, and is not intended to replace local representation or be legal advice. If you do decide to explore making an adoption plan for your baby part of the process usually includes you having a meeting with either an attorney or a social worker so that they may go over things with you in much more detail or answer specific questions you may have:

Who must Consent to an Ohio Adoption and How Does it Work?

For an adoption governed by Ohio law, consent must be given by the baby’s biological mother. The consent of the baby’s biological father is required in some, but not all, circumstances. If the baby’s mother and father are married, the consent of both is necessary. Consent may not be given before the baby is 72 hours old.

Can a Birth Parent in Ohio Revoke their Consent to Adoption?

In Ohio, consent to adoption may not be revoked. It is very important that you discuss your questions about revocation of consent when meeting with the social worker who advises you about the process or when speaking with the attorney who is handling the adoption. By the time that you give your consent you should have a solid understanding of what is involved.

When is Consent not Necessary for Adoption in Ohio?

Consent to adoption in Ohio is not necessary when the court issues an order that terminates parental rights, which may occur when there is neglect or abuse. Ohio utilizes a Putative Father Registry so it is also possible for parental rights of an unmarried father to be terminated for failure to register timely or to register at all. Parental rights of a named putative father may be terminated through court action for failure to respond to legal notification of the proposed adoption within the required timeframe.

What Rights do Birth Fathers in Ohio have in the Adoption Process?

Birth father rights in Ohio are determined by whether or not they are married to the baby’s mother. A man married to the baby’s mother must give consent to the adoption unless he is found to not be the baby’s biological father. A man not married to the baby’s mother does not have parental rights until they are established through use of the Putative Father’s Registry or a court has issued an order that determines parental rights.

Will I Receive Money or Assistance to Place My Baby in Ohio?

Financial struggle is just one example of a why adoption is planned for a baby, so when a woman in Ohio is considering adoption it makes sense that she may need assistance with her living expenses. Hopeful adoptive parents understand that they are able to provide financial assistance as long as it done in compliance with Ohio laws, which do restrict how payments may be made, to whom, and how much is allowable.

These are only a few of the questions our Adoption Specialists are asked by women in Ohio who are thinking about adoption for their baby. We understand that everyone’s circumstances can be different so please contact us so that we may assist you with your specific adoption needs.


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