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I am Courtney from North Carolina

Stay-At-Home Parent? No

Adopted Children at home? Yes

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? Biracial (African American + any other)


Occupation: Family Physician

Education: MD

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Gardening, Music

It’s strange to write to someone who is going to be so important in my life, who I haven’t yet met.  The fact that you’re reading these words tells me a lot about your character already.  You have strong love in your heart.  You are open to doing things the harder way.  You are not afraid to sit with difficult choices, and take them as they come.  You are not afraid to lean on others for help.  Those are some of the qualities I most admire in people, so I feel like we’d have a friendship, even if we met casually. Some families grow through blood and luck, and others are grown through love and faith.  I still don’t understand a lot about this world, but have learned to trust in God on connections like this.

My daughter and I came together through adoption 2 years ago, but our family REALLY started many months prior to that.  It started with a choice from her birth mother, Amber.  Prior to her search, she made the choice to open her heart and family to an outsider.  Families like ours are a little different, but no less beautiful.  Amber later told me that she recognized me immediately as family, and I have faith that God will bring the woman to my profile that is destined to read it.

I grew up in a small town in NC, in a happy family of 6.  My family is critically important in my life.  Dad worked in the furniture factories and Mom was a teacher.  They taught us a love of learning and gave a solid example of true Christian love, servant love.  They didn’t try to keep up with the Joneses and our most fun adventures were absolutely free.  I was a “super nerd”—placing 1st in my state for Rock and Mineral identification and going to nationals in Science Olympiad.  My dating life was not spectacular.

I loved science and studied Physics and then Medicine.  I now work as a Physician in Urgent Care, and lived in a library or hospital for much of my 20’s.  Unfortunately, Dad passed away during residency, after 5 months of ICU struggle.  After that, I moved back home to live near family.  I dated several good men, but never found someone I wanted to father my child.  Most of the men wanting to start a family had already built one while I was away at school.

I eventually gave up the “goat-rodeo” of dating and became a single mom.  I attempted IVF, but could never conceive.  The process was very difficult, physically and emotionally; but like all the best surprises, I now realize that my plan wasn’t God’s plan.  My child’s life was never intended to start within my own body.  I was supposed to trust another woman to start her life, and for me to continue her love and care.

Amber reached out to me through ANLC in 2019, and later that year, our daughter, Harper, was born.  The last 2 years have been the happiest of my life.  The peace and joy we feel as a family outshines the smaller chaos of day-to-day obstacles.  We want to open our family now again, to another child - son or daughter, brother or sister.

My parents taught me the parent I want to be.  They loved nothing more than spending time with our family.  Mom is steadfast, hardworking, and loving.  Dad was easy to laugh.  When he talked with you, you knew he just loved spending time with you.  You didn’t have to work to earn their love, and they didn’t love with an “agenda.”  You could trust them even when you failed at something or were embarrassed about a mistake.  You could confide in them.  I think that was largely because our family shared so much time together.  Those many meals together, evenings at home, work projects, and vacation adventures built this beautiful security.  When I grew up and realized how chaotic this world is—I would draw upon every bit of that security.

I will love my children the way my parents loved me and teach my children the importance of finding both JOY and PURPOSE in their lives.

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