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Sandra and Alicia

We are Sandra and Alicia from California

Stay-At-Home Parent? Yes

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Hispanic/Pacific Islander


Occupation: Finance Manager

Education: High School

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Guitar, Reading, Cycling


Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: A.A.

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Hiking, Cycling, Reading

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Although we don’t know you yet, we cannot wait to get to know you and start this journey together. First we want to let you know how brave we think you are. We can’t imagine how difficult this may be for you, but we want you to know that we are here to support you in any way we can. We are extremely thankful that you have taken the time to look at our profile and get to know our family. Your selfless decision will be making our whole life complete. We want you to know that we will give your child a great life. We want to assure you that we will always be that stable constant for your child. They will have a full-time, stay-at-home mom, a hardworking, hands-on, first-time mom, and an older brother and forever best friend. Your child will be raised in a home that is filled with faith, love, laughter and acceptance. We will provide freedom for your child to grow to be who they were meant to be. We will make it a point to find what makes your child special and allow them to explore all of their interests. Your child will always know that you loved them. We will teach them bravery through your story as a mother. In our home you will always be honored and appreciated. 

We are two moms raising a teenage son together. Nothing brings us more joy than being parents. We have known each other since we were 14 years old. Although we didn’t get together until later, we always remained close friends over the years. Having built such a strong foundation, we are extremely close and enjoy doing everything together. In our home we laugh together and we cry together. We are a team. We have been through loss as we have both tried to grow our blended family. After two failed pregnancies, we have not given up faith to raise a baby together from birth. We both have always had adoption in our hearts, even with wanting to carry a child ourselves. 

We know that adoption will complete us as a family. We know that what you are doing is selfless. We admire your strength and courage in fulfilling our dreams to be moms. We will love your child unconditionally, as if they were our own. We dream of having a little cheerleader on the sideline cheering Anthony on at all his basketball games! We see Anthony with other kids and can just see that he was meant to be a big brother. Aside from sports, there will be camping trips, beach days, Disneyland trips and so much more family fun. They will be surrounded with lots of cousins and large families on both sides to grow up with. We look forward to the late nights, the messy floors, the diaper changing. We will cherish every moment together as a family. We promise you that we will show up every single day and love your child unconditionally.

Sandra, Alicia and Anthony

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