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Daniel and Heather

We are Daniel and Heather from Texas

Stay-At-Home Parent? No

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Assistant Athletic Trainer

Education: D.A.T.

Religion: Methodist

Hobbies: Sports


Occupation: General Manager

Education: B.A.

Religion: Nondenominational

Hobbies: Crafts


Let us first start off by telling you what a superhero you are to us. Your selflessness and love are nothing short of heroic. Heather and I have wanted to raise a child for years, but God has not answered that prayer for us through naturally conceptive means. We cannot begin to fathom what you’re going through; we can only offer the consolation that we want you to be as involved in your child’s life as you desire, and we will only speak highly of you to your child. At this point in our lives, we feel that we have so much love to give that our home is longing for a child to satisfy that desire. 

Currently, we only have fur babies in our household: three medium-sized dogs (Penny, Buddy, & Hani) and two cats (Biscuit & Stormy).We feel that we have a lot to offer throughout a child’s life to set him/her/them up for success in adulthood and to make him/her/them feel safe & happy. The future holds a balance of fun and education always to be supplemented with encouragement and love. Both of us have endured some trying times and, in fact, found each other during a valley in both of our lives. Some of our most profound lessons are learned during trying times, and it is with the utmost appreciation for those lessons that we find the strength to fight onward toward the happier times. As Vivian Greene so eloquently puts it, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” 

We have reached this point in our lives through a multitude of life choices, many of the crossroads having no obviously correct option. Part of the lie of childhood is that being an adult comes with all of the answers. It’s important that we teach children that no one ever has all of the answers; rather, it’s imperative that we always work as a team to achieve the best results. This applies to marriage, on the job, and for children in the school setting. We are very much do-it-yourself kinds of people, always desiring to simply do the work on our own without having to rely on others to make-or-break our successes. The irony is that marriage is a “team sport,” and we have learned (and are still learning) to concede certain aspects of our respective lives to each other for the betterment of our collective life. 

It’s important that children see that, too, that marriage is not some end-goal but rather a meeting point where two people who were on singular and possibly even opposite paths decide to take a mutual path with each other’s best interest at heart. Danny is a product of a split household, his parents divorcing when he was eight years old. He was subjected to the constant power struggle into which a marriage can easily fall. Heather was raised by a mom and a dad who are still married today after 40 years. Both of our relationship habits can, at times, mirror our upbringings, but we always come back to the foundation of our marriage: love. Even when we’re the most upset/annoyed/frustrated with each other, we always apologize and we always say “I love you.” 

As the birth mother to our adopted child, we want you to know that you will hold just as special a place in our hearts as the child. You will be family to us. And as involved as you want to be in the child’s life, you will have that ability with our fullest blessing. We are eternally grateful for your sacrifice, your strength, and your courage. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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