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John and Sonja

We are John and Sonja from Maine

Stay-At-Home Parent? Part-Time

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Contractor

Education: Building and Masonry

Religion: Presbyterian



Occupation: Speech Pathologist

Education: BA

Religion: Spiritual


Hi! We are Sonja and Johnny and we live in the wonderful state of Maine! Since before we were engaged, we talked about having a family. We have always had adoption included in our family planning, so here we are – our greatest adventure! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading our letter. We cannot come close to imagining what you are going through, but we are hopeful that we can give you an idea of what a future for your baby could look like.

We would love to meet you and have an open relationship with you. We are open to letters, pictures, video chats and visits so you can see how they are growing. Our communication with your baby will be completely open. We want them to know their adoption story and what an incredible sacrifice you made. They will grow up knowing how much you loved them and how strong of a woman you are. We want to teach them so many things, such as kindness, compassion, empathy, and to be comfortable with who they are, among many others. We will love them unconditionally, forever and always.

We both LOVE the outdoors. Maine gives us so many opportunities to do a variety of activities outside, from ice fishing, snowmobiling and snow shoeing in the winter, to boating, fishing, and hiking in the summer and LOTS of things in between! We love to have adventures, whether they take a day or longer! We try to turn everything into an adventure! We really enjoy traveling. We both used to travel for work, and while we no longer do that, we do like to go on get away trips for fun and would love to include children on all of our adventures. Music is also a huge part of our lives, from listening to it a lot, to learning to play. Sonja plays a little on the keyboard, and Johnny is learning the guitar. His dad plays a lot and it’s always fun to sit around and listen to him as a family. We are so looking forward to having children and creating new traditions with them, from letters to Santa Claus, summer vacations, camping trips, bedtime stories, and being outdoors to enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer!

Johnny enjoys fishing, hunting and cooking. His favorite form of cooking is grilling in the summer and winter. He is from Ohio where the majority of his family still lives. He is the youngest of 8, so there are lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins who are so excited to welcome a sweet baby into their lives! We visit them as often as we can, which is a few times a year. We do sleepovers during the holidays where we all stay at the same house (usually Johnny’s niece’s), play lots of games, eat good food, and just enjoy each other’s company. Lots of laughs are had by all! In the summer, we get as many people together as we can and do a week-long houseboat trip on a lake in Kentucky.

Sonja enjoys drawing, painting, creating food art, and dancing; if there is music on, you can bet that's what she'll be doing. She also loves to spend time training our dogs, Rubie and Zoey, as well as taking them on nightly walks. Sonja has worked in schools across the U.S. for over 10 years with students from diverse economic and racial backgrounds. Most of her family lives in Maine, but some are in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. Her brother and his wife had a baby in October, Adrienne. Everyone is thrilled to welcome another baby into the family!

While preparing for our upcoming marriage and adoption journey, we have talked a lot about what kind of parents we want to be. When it comes to parenting, we want to build a collaborative relationship. We want to create a safe space that invites individuality and open communication. There will be boundaries, but we don’t want a relationship that’s based on “because I said so”. There’s no book on how to be a great parent, but we promise that we will be the best Mommy & Daddy that we can be to your child.

Sonja & Johnny

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