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Jeremy and Sarah Ann

We are Jeremy and Sarah Ann from Virginia

Stay-At-Home Parent? No

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? African American, African American/Asian, African American/Caucasian, African American/Hispanic, Biracial (African American + any other), Caucasian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Hispanic/Pacific Islander, Pacific Islander


Occupation: Surgeon

Education: DPM

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking, Boating

Sarah Ann

Occupation: Marketing Director

Education: BA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Food, Travel, Working Out, Boating

We are Jeremy and Sarah Ann—high school sweethearts who are looking to grow our family.  We live in Virginia where Jeremy is a foot and ankle surgeon and Sarah Ann works for a digital marketing agency. We have two children, Sadie and Bo, and two fur babies, Bella and Reed, our sweet Pugs.

Our hearts break knowing what could be one of the happiest days of our lives could also be one of your hardest. We cannot begin to imagine the struggle and decisions that lay ahead of you, but we want to help. You might plenty of people telling you what to do or how to do it and we imagine you may feel overwhelmed. We want to help be a solution and source of peace. We would be honored to join you through this journey. 

We are so inspired by your consideration for choosing this life for your baby. Your grace and strength will most certainly be passed on to your child. Your baby will come to understand the incredible selflessness and strength of your decision. We will make sure they know who you are, show compassion for you, and respect that you chose to give them this life.

We are filled with excitement and joy about adopting because we know the impact that a child can have on someone’s life and family. Our two kids have been true blessings to both of us and our extended families in more ways than words can describe, and Sadie and Bo cannot wait to have another brother or sister. We are all so excited to have your baby become a part of our family.

We believe kids should be kids for as long as they can. Your baby will build a childhood full of happy and long-lasting memories—making friends in school and church, reading books before bedtime, going fishing on the boat, helping cook breakfast on the weekends,  playing with the dogs, riding their bike around the neighborhood, taking in all the family traditions at the holidays and helping us create new traditions. They will learn discipline, hard work, commitment, and they’ll know how to have a good time, too. They’ll laugh, play and enjoy all the innocence of a safe, happy childhood in a loving home without fear or worry.

We promise to love and cherish your child and give them every opportunity needed to succeed in this world. Your baby will grow up surrounded by family and friends who love them unconditionally. Your baby will always know just how much they mean to everyone in their lives—they will have a strong sense of self-worth—and they’ll understand the importance of bringing all of their wonderful abilities and talents to make a positive impact in the lives of people around them.

We look forward to the time when we get to meet you and learn your story. It will be a memory we carry with us for a lifetime. We will respect you, your grace, and whatever level of openness and contact you wish to maintain with us and your child. Thank you for considering this choice for your baby. If chosen, we will do you proud.

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  • Hi, We are honored that you are considering us! Lisa, our adoption specialist at Adoption Network, will be reaching out to make sure your needs are being met and your questions about adoption are being answered. She will help us get in touch with each other. We can’t wait to connect with you!
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