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Michael and Danielle

We are Michael and Danielle from Indiana

Stay-At-Home Parent? Part-Time

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? African American/Caucasian, Asian/Caucasian, Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Native American, Caucasian/Pacific Islander


Occupation: Vice President

Education: M.Ed.

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Technology, Friends, Cooking


Occupation: Stylist

Education: High School

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Crafts, Music, Reading, Friends

Dear Expectant Mother, 

We hope you are reading this letter with a sense of hope and faith in the wonderful plans God has in store for your life and your baby alike. We are in awe of your strength, courage, and selfless love. We simply cannot fathom the enormity of what is on your mind at this time, but rest assured as you read this letter that should you decide to take this journey with us, you and your baby will forever have a place in our hearts and life. We feel that family isn’t always blood, but it is always love. We recognize the magnitude of this potential decision you are making and immensely respect you for considering it. Please know we have prayed for you and your baby. We will continue to pray that you have clarity in your mind and peace in your heart as you delve deeper into this journey of searching for potential parents for your child. We pray you feel God's love for you during this time, and know that you are enough, just the way you are. God makes no mistakes. 

We are Michael and Danielle. We met 15 years ago on an online dating site and married 5 years later. We are nearing our ten-year marriage mark, and are so excited to celebrate that milestone! We are a very good match. We have the ying and yang thing going on. We are alike in a lot of ways and also different in enough ways that life stays interesting and we are able to see things from a different perspective. We were both raised in very loving homes near grandparents and extended family. We value humility and kindness, put family first, and each have a strong work ethic. We value many other things as well such as education, creativity, faith, and the power of believing in the unique potential and qualities God has instilled in us all! Together we have built a life that has a wonderful flow of careful thought and exciting adventure. We enjoy music very much. We love to go to concerts and also love to just sing together at home or in the car. We can carry a tune and hope our children enjoy music throughout their lives, too. We believe in the power of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. Michael and I both were raised to have empathy and treat others as we would like to be treated. So, I guess you could say we live by the “golden rule,” and we are raising our children the same way. We believe wholeheartedly that life is not only about working hard to get where you’re going, but how you treat people along the way. We have been loved big throughout our lives and have continued that way of living as we parent our children. We believe less in coincidence and more in our lives being a masterpiece to which God is the artist. All things come together in His time. We feel called to adoption in the hopes to grow our family in a way that opens our hearts even more than we ever knew possible, making a place for you and your baby. 

The four of us cannot wait to add another precious gift to our family! Our daughters Elin and Averie cannot wait to become big sisters! We can picture another member of our family at our diner table each evening sharing a home-cooked meal and talking about our days. We would love your child to join us laughing, playing games, walking the dogs, riding bikes, playing with the neighborhood kids, singing and playing the piano, and having family dance parties! We cannot wait to snuggle together on Saturday mornings before we make a big breakfast. We want to swing on the swing set in the backyard, have family dinner with grandparents on Sundays, and make frequent weekend visits to the kids' maternal Grandparents' house in Kentucky. We are a very close family of 4, and hopefully will become larger. We truly enjoy our time together! We are a goofy bunch. We love to laugh and be silly! We all love to make people smile and are definitely daily joy seekers! We really enjoy getting the kids together to play with friends! We make snowmen, go ice skating and sledding, and enjoy hot cocoa in the winter. In warmer months, we love to visit the orchard to pick apples, swim, play outside, attend sporting events, go to the beach, have picnics, and stop for ice cream! 

When we were first dating we discussed adoption. We both agreed that it was an amazing way to grow a family and we would talk more about it once we started that journey. We were able to have our two biological daughters back to back and that fulfilled our desires to grow our family for a good long while. After roughly five and a half years, we decided to take the leap to add to our family again, God willing. We were blessed to conceive and I was able to carry that precious soul in my womb for 20 weeks but sadly we lost our baby, all four of us did. Our children have done an amazing job of absorbing that information and transforming that hardship into beautiful empathy and even stronger faith. And, an even stronger desire to be big sisters! Since the passing of our sweet son, Silas, we have been unable to conceive naturally. We have done less invasive fertility treatments but our hearts were led to adoption.  

We have experienced the unexpected that life can bring, both wonderful and sad, but we know with all of our being that God has big and beautiful plans for each of our lives! And while our story of getting here might be different from yours, we want to convey as sincerely as possible what deep love, respect, and endless compassion we have for you and the decisions you are making. We hope to be a lighthouse in your life during this time. And, perhaps this was all part of a grander plan to lead us to where we are meant to be… right here with you! We believe in the power of connection and that life’s experiences shape us into who we are. We feel deeply that perhaps we are being called to something greater through adoption. We have so much love to give and we thrive on connection and meaningful relationships. We feel our relationship with our child’s biological parent(s) would find its natural place in our lives just the same. With great love for another human being at the center, it seems to us, we would find a rhythm of love and communication that feels good for us all. 

“He makes all things beautiful in His time.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11 

We cannot wait to experience this next season of love in our lives through adoption!  

With All Our Hearts,
Michael, Danielle, Elin, and Averie 

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