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Shane and Karla

We are Shane and Karla from California

Stay-At-Home Parent? Yes

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? Asian/Caucasian, Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic


Occupation: Professional Land Surveyor/Engineer

Education: BS

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Family time, Cooking, Continued learning


Occupation: Homemaker

Education: BA/Teaching Credential

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Fishing, Boating, Traveling, Game nights, Movies, Crafting, Cooking, Baking

Dear Expectant Mother,

If we could reach through this letter and hug you, we would. We want you to know that we admire you for the courage and strength that you are displaying for considering adoption. You are already honoring us by considering us as your child’s possible adoptive parents. We want you to know that if you pick us, we are behind your wishes one hundred percent.  Your child will always know what an amazing human being you are and that we are eternally grateful for you blessing us. We will be honest with our child from the beginning, so that they always understand how loved they are.

We hope that this letter will provide you with a glimpse into what a life with us would look like for your baby. I (Karla) will be a stay-at-home mom. I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years and have worked as a tutor since I was in high school. I also have an esthetician’s license, and I love to help people with their skin. We do lots of facial nights at home.  Shane works 2.1 miles down the road, but can make his own hours. He is a licensed Land Surveyor and has a Civil Engineering degree. He uses both and he loves maps and math.

We are very active people, socially, and physically. We have a gigantic, extended family, filled with cousins, their babies, friends that are part of our family, and neighbors that have become kin. We host and attend lots of birthday and holiday celebrations, as well as cousin beach days, and an annual cousin trip that is something unique and different every year. We enjoy spending time on the lakes, swimming, boating, water sports, and fishing. We also like to play sports, hike, ballroom dance, play co-ed kickball, and picnic. We enjoy leisure activities as well, concerts, live shows, comedy, reading, movies, theme parks etc. All of these activities will be shared with your child. We can’t wait to help coach a child in whatever they are passionate about, dance, basketball, music, or robotics. We don’t care what they choose. They will have an entire cheer squad with our family.

We love to travel and try to do one big, new trip each year. We can’t wait to show your child the world. Our family is full of humor and laughter. We have a large extended family via the Fire Department; they really taught us that laughter is the key to enjoying life. Your child will spend a lot of time giggling. Your child will always have a nurse and a firefighter within yelling distance, (there are many in our immediate family and neighborhood).

We spent five years attempting to have a family through every possible fertility procedure, including two failed attempts with surrogates and even donated embryos along with ours. As painful as the process was, it really brought us closer together. I didn’t think it was possible to love one another more, but we do. If it was a sad day, we would end up dancing in the kitchen or taking a road trip and singing in the car while holding hands. We have held onto our faith that we will become parents.

Our family is so supportive and excited about us adopting. We will love your baby with everything in us. Adoption has touched our lives and families in many ways. My favorite Aunt was adopted 61 years ago. My God brother was adopted 20 years ago, after my God parents went through failed fertility treatments and IVF just like we did. My best friend was a birth mom 17 years ago. Also, one of my close cousins adopted her beautiful little boy four years ago. We have seen how beautiful and loving adoption is firsthand. My favorite quote, “Family not only need to consist of those whom we share blood, but also for those whom we’d give blood.” -Charles Dickens. Thank you for considering our family.

Karla and Shane

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