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I am Carmel from California

Stay-At-Home Parent? No

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? No

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Indian, Caucasian/Native American, Hispanic, Hispanic/Native American


Occupation: Inventory Management

Education: B.S.

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Nature, Hiking, Yoga, Cooking, Photography, Art

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Although I don’t know you yet, I imagine you are a very special person. You must undoubtedly feel so much love for the little gift growing inside of you. And yet, you consider adoption. This shows you are truly selfless and so courageous. I wish you strength and comfort during this difficult time. 

I am a happy, single woman living in California, who has been focused on career and experiencing life before starting a family. I always wanted to be a mother, but I wanted to be well prepared. I have worked in various areas of Marketing and especially like working with eco-friendly home furnishings. I currently work in eCommerce, and have a solid foundation that will provide security and stability for me and your child. Additionally, I am surrounded by dear friends and family who are giving me great emotional support on this journey. 

Recently, I fostered a sweet, precious, 4-year-old girl, and we bonded deeply, very quickly. When her maternal family saw how well she was doing, they wanted me to adopt her outright. But a paternal cousin wanted to raise her. Fostering taught me that I can love a child, who isn’t my biological child, without reservation. So now I’m turning to adoption to build my family. 

I live in an upscale area with a friendly, small-town vibe. My beautiful apartment complex has all the amenities, and an interactive community. Plus there is abundant nature, with walking trails, just a short stroll away. I look forward to taking your little one to the park and playground across the street. Then when he or she is older, we will enjoy the wider, cosmopolitan area for things like theater, art, children’s museum, outdoor summer concerts, etc. I am focused on health and wellness, and blessed to be strong and healthy. I exercise regularly, either yoga or on the hiking trails near my apartment. I shop at farmers’ markets in season, and cook (mostly) healthy meals….I love making brownies or apple/berry crisps. 

My house will provide a fun, fulfilling place to grow up, as I am very playful, and would create joyful experiences within a structured environment. Together we would do arts and crafts, thinking games, sports or dance, play dates, and responsible screen time. For relaxing times, we would read, play music, or enjoy movie night snuggled on the couch. I love photography and trying to capture the essence of a person or a special moment in time. So you could expect many photos of your child through the years! 

Education is very important to me. I’m always continuing my own learning, and even took a class on Child Development recently. So I try to encourage children’s curiosity, and lead them towards discovery and learning experiences. Children have an innate desire to learn, and I try to encourage a love of learning, whether for academics or a hobby. I would also search out the best schools. The goal would be to see your child reach their full, natural potential with excitement and pride. 

Your child would be raised with lots of positive attention, and loving support and encouragement. I would raise him/her to be kind, confident and to always try their best. I would teach your child right from wrong, and would model good behavior myself. I would teach good decision-making so that the child can navigate life’s more difficult situations as he/she grows up. And I would provide guidance even in adulthood, while allowing him/her to grow into the person they are meant to be.

I was raised by a single mother, and we were extremely close. I cared for her as she slowed down, and was by her side until the end. She loved me unconditionally, while still guiding me towards growth and achievement. So I can promise you that I would love your child unconditionally also, for the rest of my life, while always helping with development. I look forward to playing pretend with funny voices, helping with homework, talking about our day over dinner, helping set-up a college dorm room… and beyond.

My father and sister, Candice, anxiously await for your baby to arrive so they can shower him or her with love. My sister, who would be my backup, is an ICU nurse. She and her lovely husband are also trying to start a family. My closest friend Monica, and her sister and mother, are like a second family to me. Monica and her husband are both teachers, and they have 3 great children. I have a strong extended network of friends, and we support each other in many ways. If I ever need help, advice, or a heart-to-heart conversation it’s never far away. Many of my friends work in business, technology and creative fields. In fact, a photographer friend was delighted to be a part of my adoption by shooting photographs for my profile.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I’m so excited about the prospect of having a little one that I can cherish and love. And I am so thankful that you are thinking of giving the gift of adoption. 


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