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Zakary and Amy

We are Zakary and Amy
from Tennessee

Stay-At-Home Parent? Yes

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? No

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Senior Trader

Education: MBA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Exercising


Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: MBA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Yoga, Travel, Reading, Crafts

 Dear Friend:  

First off, we wish you could know how much we want to reach out right now to give you a big hug and tell you how loved you are.  We have a deep respect for you and the decision you are making for your child.  It is truly the most selfless act of love.  It’s so hard to communicate everything we want to say to you in a short letter, but we want to give you an opportunity to get to know our family and have a glimpse of what life would be like for your child in our family. 

We are high school sweethearts who have been married since 2008. We’ve had a heart for adoption since before we were married and are thankful for the opportunity to be pursuing it now. We have a young son, Estes, and live in a beautiful part of Tennessee. Our part of the world experiences all four seasons at their finest, but fall marks the beginning of our favorite time of year. We pick apples in the mountains, take hayrides at a nearby pumpkin patch, and enjoy watching the leaves change colors on our daily drives. We have a huge Thanksgiving celebration with our families followed by crazy Black Friday shopping. On our way home from Thanksgiving, we stop at a local tree farm and pick out our Christmas tree. We open one present on Christmas Eve and the rest from Santa on Christmas morning. Our family is the most important thing in the world to us, and we love to spend time together. 

Day to day life for your child in our family would be full of joy and love.  I (Amy) quit my job as a financial analyst after our son was born to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom and am blessed to spend my “work” days at home with our little one and hopefully another soon. We start our week with a wonderful family day on Sunday. We go to church together, where our son has a special class full of friends and teachers who love him and help him learn about God.  Estes and I have a lot of fun activities that we do through the week.  On Mondays we go to a mom and preschooler group where Estes gets to play with some friends. On Monday night after Zak gets home, we meet with our small group from church; a special group of friends that we do life with. On Tuesday we go to story time at the library. Estes listens intently to the librarian as she reads new stories and plays the ukulele.   Wednesday is Bible study day.  Estes has his own little class where he studies a lesson, sings songs, and learns about Jesus. On Thursday we go to a Mommy-and-Me music class where we sing, dance and play together. Every day we read: lots and lots of reading! He has a bookshelf in his room that he chooses books from, and we sit in a special chair and cuddle as we read them. Sometimes he even reads to me! He is a big helper around the house, cleaning and cooking with me. We have a play date every week with my best friend and her daughter, Estes’s best bud.  We love going to Target, the play place in the mall, and Chick Fil A. We play outside, put together puzzles, paint, color, and do crafts.  

As much fun as we have, I’m ditched as soon as Zak gets home. Estes runs to the door to give him a huge hug before he even gets inside. Every single day! You’ve never seen a little boy so excited to see his daddy. We have dinner around the table together every night, even though sometimes with a toddler it only lasts five minutes. One of the sweetest parts of the day is at bedtime, when Zak reads to our son before he goes to sleep. Estes picks the books he wants to read off the shelf, and they snuggle and rock as they read. We dream about the day we can rock with two sweet babies in our lap.  

Saturdays are our adventure days.  Zak and Estes are morning people, but me… not so much. They typically go to a fun breakfast place down the street and get biscuits and gravy while I sleep in.  Afterwards, we may do something fun in town like the aquarium, zoo, museum, park, or go on a hike. 

With us, your child would have a giant extended family to do life with: doting grandparents, cute cousins, and the most fun uncles and aunts around. We have a group of close friends from church with young kids that we spend lots of time with too. It’s not uncommon to have a house full of people sharing a meal, with children running everywhere. Our whole crew loves and supports us completely and are all thrilled to bring another child into the fold.  

We care about you and are praying for you every day and hope you find peace in your decision. We are so thankful for your heart and the courage you have to even consider an adoption plan for your child.  If we are the family you chose, our promise to you is to raise your child in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and a family that will welcome them with open arms. 

Zak, Amy, & Estes

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