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Michael and Christina

We are Michael and Christina from Missouri

Stay-At-Home Parent? Yes

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Gender Preference? Either

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Railroad Conductor

Education: HS

Religion: Methodist

Hobbies: Computers, Farming, Welding


Occupation: Commercial Dog Breeder

Education: BS

Religion: Methodist

Hobbies: Reading, Volleyball, Cooking

Dear Expectant Mother,

The first thing we want you to know is that we are praying for you daily. We want you to be at peace with your decision, and know that there is no way we can adequately express how grateful we are for YOU. This consideration is one of the toughest any person can make, and we hope that you know how precious and strong you are.

We live in a small town, somewhere that has enough stores and restaurants to keep things interesting, but small enough that you run into someone you know nearly every time you go into one. We are part of a supportive, loving community that is even now helping us accomplish our dream of adopting a baby. We’re also only a couple hours away in several directions from big cities that offer a variety of events to enjoy.

Michael is a hard-working, loving, sweet and funny man who loves his family with all his heart. He enjoys being outdoors, working with our cattle, horses, or dogs and tinkering on his tractors and trucks. He can be counted on to help anyone who needs an extra hand and gives generously of his time and knowledge. He can be a quiet but strong leader, whether helping with youth ministry and scouts or playing in the praise band. He is a man of many talents and continues to be open to learning new things whenever he can.

Christy is a thoughtful and purpose driven individual, with an astounding and loving heart. She is focused on her family and wants nothing but the best for them. She is very knowledgeable and is willing to learn new things to help minimize the gaps between those she cares for. She has many talents that include cooking and baking, horses and animal husbandry, relearning to play the piano and being extremely crafty by making/ designing many of the items that we offer in our small business. She has, over the years given of herself to many groups within our church to help the youth of all ages. Christy loves to spend time reading her books, even if she has read them several times! She helps me any time I ask regardless of what it is I may need, and is willing to help me and others try to improve our processes to make things easier for us.

We live within just a few miles of both our immediate families, and have a large extended family as well. We belong to a church that feels like an even bigger family that provides many opportunities for us as well as for the children of the congregation to grow in love. We have both been honored to find ways we can serve in our church that bring us joy.

We will celebrate our tenth anniversary this summer, and look forward to many more years to come. We enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, and hope to be able to share those with your child as he or she grows.

We truly believe that God will open the right doors for us to adopt a child, and that you are part of His plan for our family. We have so much love to give, and want you to know the baby that comes into our lives will be treasured as a long-awaited gift.

With love,
Christy & Michael

A poem by Michael:

Little Heart

To the litle heart that has yet to be formed in God's hands to be placed in our arms,
There is an abundance of love waiting for you.
For the little body that will wrap around your little heart,
There is an abundance of hugs and snuggles waiting for you.

For the little child that will brighten our lives,
There is an abundance of Family waiting to encourage you.
For the soul that is in the new member of our Family,
There is an abundance of Grace and God waiting for you.

For our Little Baby that we are waiting on,
There is a Mother and Father waiting for You,
To love You,
To hold You,
To raise You,

And most of all to open up our big hearts and give them to You.
Until we meet, we pray for you and your journey into our lives, 
With an abundance of God waiting for Us.

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